Entering a Valencian hut or a farmhouse in the fertile plain of Valencia (Huerta) is not as easy task as it seems even for the Valencians locals.

One of the inhabitants opens the doors of his farmhouse in the vegetable garden of Valencia, on the “Camino de Vera”, next to the Polytechnic University. Our friend Carmen prepares a delicious wood-fired paella at Alquería del Carmen and tell us how to prepare the original one.

Landscape of “Alboraya-Camino de Vera

The farmhouse, beside the polytechnic Universitu stands out for the its marvelous views towards the sea, the canals (acequias) system and the small crops, now of onions, then of tiger nut or splendid tomatoes, potatoes and lettuces.


In the interior we find the former yard for the beasts of work, the deposit of tools and equipment for working on the field as well as the typical paellero -Barecue-like brick oven- , where the typical dish of Valencia is to be prepared.

From this patio we enter the interior of the farmhouse, with the kitchen and the living room that functions us room too. This is the most noble part, decorated with traditional Valencian tiles and ceramics representing the nymphs and atlantes of fertility. Most likely, it comes from the factory that in 1862 was installed in the surrounding by Nolla family, famous its liberty style designs. The view of the garden is unmatched.

On both sides of this central corridor that makes the living room the rooms are distributed and on the upper floor are the leftovers to keep the vegetables of the last harvest aerated


The huerta Museum in Vera

To finish, we not forget that we are in the heart of the “Huerta de Valencia”, next to the agricultural museum of the Polytechnic in Vera, where the famous tradition of the blessing of animals by Saint Anthony is celebrated on the 22th January and pets, horses and other animals of this landscape get blessed for their helping on agricultures.

Very close we have the garden of Alboraya, where it is worth taking a walk and pay a visit the “horchateria” (Horchata establishment) where we taste this traditinal drink which dates back to the Arabic period.

Hereby do we let you some pictures of this unforgettable landscape, only five minutes away from Downtown.

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Jose-Vicente Niclos

Profesor y Guía de Turismo