My name is Vicent, Senior Manager of Itineris Valencia.

I am certified local guide and tour leader. I hold a license to lead groups in English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, and Hebrew.


We have a long-standing experience as ambassadors of our Country and City which, I think, we know reasonably well.

We begun working as local tourist guides in 2004 and have been guiding thousands of visitors in the land to see the most noteworthy sites, hidden paths and off the beaten track places.

We work for  large and small tour operators and travel agents  as well as directly for private clients.

We are committed to responsible travel and we love and respect nature and monuments.

We are enthusiastic and passionate about this job and like to share our knowledge with customers coming from all over the world, as if they were part of our family and friends. The tours are always interactive and entertaining as well as informative but fun.


The secret of  enjoying of a fully satisfactory tour depends on your decision of getting a trustable guide. He will help you achieve your goals.


Dealing with us as local certified guides ensures you a visit to the most beatiful places at your own pace and according to your own interests

Just let me know your  ideas and I will share mine. Together we will make the perfect itinerary. We will discover incredible sights, mysteries, culture, art and history. We will stroll through ancient archaeological sites or we will visit restored historical buildings, castles, churches, museums and galleries.


  • Private guided walking tours
  • Chauffeured car/minivan/coach tours
  • Tailor made tours
  • Family tours
  • Children tours
  • Disabled and wheelchair tours
  • Group of friends tours
  • Guided tours for students at all levels
  • Adult groups
  • Incentives and team-building tours


If you wish to ask any question or to have more information about our services, please e-mail: info@itineisvlc.com. Or check our website: www.itinerisvlc.com .

We will send you a proposal of tour, that you can freely purchase or not.

Our mission

Private guided walking tours

Children tours

Guided tours for students at all levels

Tailor made tours

Disabled and wheelchair tours

Incentives and team-building tours

Family tours

Group of friends tours

Guided tours for students at all levels

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