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  • Duration time: 4 hours
  • Trayecto: Valencia – Sagunto – Palacio Berenguer – Muro de Diana – Antiguos Baños – Teatro Romano – Castillo
  • Nº de Plazas: 55 pers max.
  • Price: 26 €

Barely at twenty kilometres of Valencia, this fortress occupies a walled enclosure that spreads over the hill from east to west, with an extension of almost one kilometer, at 172 meters on the level of the sea.
Its history dates back to the 5th cent. B.C., when there is constructed Arse, the Iberian city. In 218 B.C. the Carthaginian general Aníbal, attacks the city, originating the Second Punic War (218-212 B.C.) against the Romans, who defeated them and destroyed, being saved only the wall of Diana’s temple. During the Roman Empire, Saguntum’s Forum was constructed, and was the time of maximum brilliance. Sagunto was declared a Spanish National Monument during the Second Republic in 1931.
The Islamic, Christian and Jewish heritage left their footprints in Sagunto. In the 8th century came to Sagunto the Islam, which gave to the city the name of Murviter, in allusion to the old walls of the Roman ruins (Mura Vetera). They had a great influence on urbanization, agriculture, gastronomy and irrigation systems. Since the Christian conquest of Jaime I, (1238), Sagunto will be called Murviedro, and the streets will filled with hermitages, lordly houses and churches as Santa Maria Mayor. Also the Jewry will get erected around Carrer Castell. This Jewish presence begins after the assault to the synagogue of Valencia in 1390 and preserves many elements as the “cemetery”, the narrow streets and a ritual bath close to the synagogue.

Of contemporary epoch, stand out local personalities as the great musician Joaquín Rodrigo author of ” Aranjuez’s concert “

Ideal for students and colleges, students of Spanish.

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