Route details:

  • Time: 4 hours
  • Traject: Plaza de la Reina
  • Number of persons: 55 personas Max.
  • Price: from 26€ pax

Xativa’s city spreads to the feet of a castle founded by the Iberians and was a place of notable Arabic presence whose culture introduced irrigation, paper mills, the courtly love and the study of the Koran. With Christianity, Játiva was one of the most important populations of the Kingdom of Valencia, rivaling even with Valencia and Orihuela, was the birthplace of family Borja and preserve an important art heritage, in spite of the fact that it was burned in 1707 by the Bourbon troops as reprisal for resting to the troops of the Austrias.

Among its monuments is the church of the Franciscans, the palaces of Moncada’s street as that of Alarcón, the main Church (Seu) and the Royal Hospital, the ex-convent of Santo Domingo, the Museum of the Almodí, and the hermitage of san Felix.

The Castle, which dominates an impressive panorama, includes actually two castles, called Minor and Major that spread westward in the top of the mountain and they are joined by powerful military structures. From one to another fortress run the lower walls that were enclosing the early medieval city, to which was added a later one to include what today is the historical center. Because of its favorable situation the castle was controlling the Roman route, for what it did play a transcendental role in the campaigns of Anibal, of Escipion and Sertorius. Its strategic importance increased immediately after the dethronement of the Omeya’s dynasty and the subsequent decomposition of the caliphate of Cordova. The Christian monarchs turned the castle into a strong site defending the route from Castile to Valencia, and turned the castle into a state prison.
The castle will be visited by foot with the tourist train.
Special tour visit for students, colleges and groups with interest in the culture.


  • Palaces “calle de Moncada”
  • Churchs “La Seu and  Hospital Real”
  • Ex-convent “Santo Domingo”
  • Hermitage of saint Felix.
  • Castle

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