Valencia from the sky

The city of Valencia was painted and photographed by travelers from hot air Balloons at the 19th century. Now we are not trying to get you into […]

Tapas Tour Valencia

ITINERIS gives you the opportunity to do a tour accross different traditional and trendy districts of the city while enjoying exclusive tapas.

Wild Life Museums in Valencia

The Mediterranean and other ecosystems are present in the valencian Riverpark. ITINERIS takes you to the beautiful riverside forest [...]

The Silk Route in Valencia

Valencia leads the project of a multicultural path among the mythical cities of the Silk Road, and presents its valuable historical heritage as [...]

Holy Grail Route

The Holy See recognizes the presence of the Holy Grail of the Last Supper of Jesus in Valencia by granting to it the Jubilee Year 2016. [...]

Valencia Parks and Gardens

We start our guided visit in the Botanical Garden founded by Antonio Cavanilles, one of the older ones of Spain, with its monumental trees, [...]

Museums of Valencia

Valencia is a city with over two thousand years of history and a plenty of artistic signals from past to present. Each of them were residence of local artists, painters and writers such as Juan de Juanes, Francisco Ribalta, Joaquín Sorolla and Vicente Blasco Ibanez [...]

Thematic Valencia, secular cultures

Valencia has been founded by the Romans, repopulated by Visighotics, settled by Arabic and Jewish folks and finally colonized by the Christians. Book this tour and you will learn more about the rich and beautiful facets of this cultural heritage: The Roman Valencia[...]

Unforgettable Valencia

The first day in Valencia deserves a guided visit to the historical Center of the city. Let’s get a first impression of the unforgettable Valencia with this descriptive tour of the downtown. Your Guide will show you the wealth of his architectural, artistic and daily living.[...]