On January 22, the festival of St. Vincent Martyr, patron saint of the city of Valencia, is celebrated. San Vicente has some characteristics that make him special, like being the first saint of Hispania, tormented during the last persecution of the Emperor Diocletian, the year 308 AD.


                                                                    Valentia Romana

 San Vicente was born in Huesca, next to the Pyrenees, was a priest in Zaragoza and condemned together with San Valero to the death penalty in Valencia for not worshiping the emperors. His festival has these items:

  • Holy Mass in the Mozarab rite, typical of the Visigothic church in Spain, whose capital was the city of Toledo. Mass is celebrated twice in the Visigothic crypt of Saint Vincent, next day in the cathedral officiate by the archbishop of Valencia.

    Route through the historical places on the day of his martyrdom on January 22:

  • Site where he was imprisoned: in the church of Santa Mónica and in the chapel of San Vicente Mártir (C / Pta. De Vicente, 1)

  • Site where he suffered martyrdom: Crypt of San Vicente next to the cathedral.

    Place where his body was thrown after his death: next to the old hermitage of San Vicente de la Roqueta, current Plaza de España.


Hermitage of san Vicente Mártir



Altar in the Jail

Place where he was buried: San Vicente de la Roqueta, inhabited from 1255 to 1835 by Benedictine monks dependents of Poblet. It has not been easy to restore this monument whose origin dates back to the fourth century. The restoration works have been completed and are intended for social, and cultural and institutional.



Restauracion san Vicente de la Roqueta_-Francisco-Jurado-_-San-Vicente-de-la-Roqueta-_-Octubre-2012-_-arquiayuda-1-700x473

    Restoration of the cloister