A garden dedicated to the ties of love between the two renaissance lovers “Poliphile” and “Polia” and the architecture of urban landscape of Valencia.


The guardian of the fruits

 The Dream of natural beauty of Polyphile


The Polyphili Hypnerotomachia or “The Fight for the dreams of Polifilo” is an Italian novel or “courtly love discourse”, written near Venice. The title, inspired by Homer, comes in part to mean the dream of reunion with the beloved one, in part refers to the symbolic architecture on landscape, accompanied in the book of abundant illustrations.

We enter in this garden, close to the Biopark and Entrance riverbed park, with the two lovers in this labyrinth consecrated to love and its stages, reflected in nature in this northern side of Valencia. The name of the hero, Polifilo, means “lover of Polia” or “of so many nice displays in life”. The fifteenth century novel is attributed to the Venetian Francesco Colonna, who would have been entered as a friar in the cloister as a consequence of the tragic disdainful love of a maiden, named Polia, who denies him her charms.



Symbolic tour through the inner labyrinths of the heart


Accompanied by an esoteric text whose style resembles the Arte Novo of Petrarca and Dante,

the Valencian polyphile introduces us, through the Door of Destiny, guarded by the gargoyles or dragons of selfishness and sexual debauchery, to the place where the lovemaking virtues are cultivated. Further on, to the right we ascend the hill of Venus, among beautiful bushes where lovers take contact. Beyond to the north, at the center of the garden, Cytherean island await us where we presume the consummation of love between the partners protected by Cupid. Finally, we return through the garden of the orange trees, where the Guardian of Fruits, perhaps Carpus, the male god of summer fruits let them come in.

A friendly travel across the map of passions

A pleasant garden that represents a map of the passions well achieved in nature.

Is it not a nice place to leave hidden behind in this secret forest of Valencia those bonds of love with its soft chains?

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Una pista

Jose-Vicente Niclos


Sueño de Polifilo / Francesco Colonna ; traducción literal y directa del original aldino, introducción, comentarios y notas de Pilar Pedraza (1981).Editorial: Valencia : Comisión de Cultura del Colegio Oficial de Aparejadores y Arquitectos Técnicos de Valencia, D. L. 1981